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What is the value of proper communication tools?

So, you run a Rotary club or maybe even a Rotary District? Do you use a lot of time on management of you organization? Let me tell about automation and efficiency!

How many members do you manage? 50? 1000? 2500? Im sure you use a lot of time to ensure proper communication throughout your organization. Both for information, but also to provide your team members with files, documents, apps and credentials to access this information. 


Do yo have trouble managing acces to information and apps for your member?

Which of your team members have access to what? Did they get the password and share it to others? How can you revoke the password for one user and not revoke access for all the others? How can you manage users and access when the Rotary year turn and new members should get access? 

Running an organization smoothly requires systems, access and management - but the problem is that this is really time consuming. You should be able to focus on more important tasks, not this!

Let me tell you about automation & efficiency

Club Collaborator is a cloud service platform specialized for Rotary. Its not just a member management tool as you might know from before, and its not just a website as you have seen before - its an elevator for your organization to really improve communication and the efficiency of your team. 

Club Collaborator will automate tasks, make your management work more efficient and working with Rotary a lot more fun!


Club Collaborator provide a module for member management. You can easily manage your members and all information is synced to Rotary International automatically. See beautiful reports and run your club with automated tasks. You will save time and be able to use your time on more valuable  tasks. 


One of the biggest difference between other existing management systems for Rotary is that we provide a system where you can include also other services that your organization use. Maybe your team is already using Dropbox? Maybe you team is already use some other applications to run your club. Each member will get a Dashboard with ikons according to his role in Rotary. Whener member role is changed, his ikons, access to information and apps are changed accordingly automatically. 

Our platform automate the task of giving a member the correct information and access to apps based on his role. We call it Identity & Access Management for Rotary


Identity & Access Management for Rotary

What is Identity & Access Management? Its a platform and a software where you can provide your members with the correct information to the correct time. It is all based on the profile the member have and you can easily add more apps and information per member if you want. 


Club Collaborator - Dashboard.jpg


Elevate your organization!

Its all about proper communication tools. When you have the tools you need you will be able to do a better job for Rotary with less effort. Your members will get a better overview, more information and be happeier as Rotary members.


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Posted by Frode Stenberg on February 13, 2017
Club Collaborator International Official Licensee

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