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already using ClubRunner, DacDB or some other member directory ?

Great - lets add value to your Rotary Club!

Club Collaborator finally launches the Dashboard as a standalone product! Clubs and Districts that are already using ClubRunner, DACDB or other services can now fully use our popular Dashboard without replacing the member directory!


We realize that many Rotary Districts and Clubs already have implemented a member directory system

We also realize that this in many cases isn't covering your needs when it comes to managing sharing of information or access to apps

Communication is important and maybe extra important in a organization like Rotary. We offer a unique way to communicate with your members via a Dashboard. 

Club Collaborator - Dashboard .jpg



Even though your club or district is using a member directory you probably use other services like Google, Microsoft or others for storage and maybe even tools for efficiency and sharing of information? What happens when the year turn, and other members get management roles? What happens with the access and the information? Maybe even credentials are lost and information and documents forgotten? 

Cloud services is great, but it's hard to manage for Rotary Clubs and Districts!
This can easily be solved by using our Dashboard!


Each member will get his personal dashboard and he will be sure to find his links, apps and information - all in one place! Members can even log into his different apps with only one click without remembering his password

The dashboard is easy to set up and provide a great value!


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Posted by Frode Stenberg on February 22, 2017
Club Collaborator International Official Licensee

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