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How can Rotary in Norway manage 11 000 members and still breathe?

Club Collaborator is proud to serve Rotary and we have done it since 2001. The third generation on our software is launched and we are now serving rotary clubs all over the world. Club Collaborator is a Rotary International Official Licensee

Club Collaborator offer a complete software suite to run your Rotary Club. 

We cover every size from a small club to a district with many clubs or even a zone with several districts.

Rotary in Norway has approximately 11 000 members in six districts. These six districts have one webmaster managing all members in Norway with the help from the districts DICO’s — all together a nice blend of people and software!


7 people managing and supporting 11 000 users by using Club Collaborator and a member management tool




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Posted by Frode Stenberg on February 9, 2017
Club Collaborator International Official Licensee

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